This is a site about some guy named Randy. Not Randy the great, or Randy the amazing, or someone you've likely ever heard of. Just Randy.

I am not Randy Rader! Although I like what he had to say on one of his blogs very, very much. We both think along the same lines:
"One thing that I always wanted to do was explain why I chose the screenname 'JustRandy' and not something like Brownsnut or something of the like. So, since it's been so long and I find myself easing back into the FOX Sports limelight, here's my opportunity. Back when this was a competition, I decided that I didn't want to use something that was going to be deemed innapropriate or offensive or arrogant in any way. Since my name is Randy, I am just Randy. I'm nobody, in other words. I guess justrandy sort of has another meaning in England though. So, that's that."

If that's not exact enough, this particular Randy is Randy Crihfield. If you hit my site, you probably know me personally or some search engine dug it up from some accidental keyword I put in. In any case, welcome and I hope it's interesting reading!

Some folks know me as Jacey Squires, too; not so much from the role I played in a high school version of "The Music Man" but it was the alias I used back in the days of Atari bulletin boards, as SYSOP of Hozerville BBS. If you've found me by googling in something like that, then yes, it's me!

I'm a lot like Wile E. Coyote, in that sometimes I get crazy and start to think more of myself than I should. Maybe not a super genius, but at least a little smart. About that time an anvil or two seems to fall on my head, reminding me I am not so smart after all...