What a Java Dabbler!

Yes, I work at Sun Microsystems. Yes, this is a Java shop, in fact WE INVENTED IT. So once in a while I horse around and work out a Java program or two. In particular, I write games to use at our annual New Years Eve party. One past year the theme was GAME SHOWS. We played Jeopardy on the big screen TV, and let me tell ya that was a huge hit with folks! It's definately something worth downloading and playing around with.

Things in the works: I've also been rewriting the original version 1.0.3 of Hack in Java, because, well, I LIKE Hack, and my little dog, too! Nethack just doesn't do it for me. I am creating a trivia box thing for my friend Kieran, like Party Quiz for the old Atari systems if you remember that one.

Fill Or Bust!, a great dice/card game that everyone says they never heard of but love it once they play it! I am often told they've never played anything like it, either. There are a few rules missing that I haven't coded up yet, check the History and TODO files to see the most current state of the game. It is definately playable just as it is right now, so enjoy!

Jeopardy! was the big New Years 2006. It now has the daily double implemented, but the final Jeopardy question you have to ask out loud. Other than that the game plays well. You may not like my questions, but hey, make your own! It's a simple flat ascii file. I now include the info on where I got the Quiz Show device that makes this a real party game!

Hollywood Squares! is the game we be played for New Years 2007. I snapped digital pics of my party goers, dropped them into the image directory, and voila their faces appeared on my 100+ inch projection screen. Everyone loves seeing their face on TV!

What can I say, I'm a man of varied interests!