About Hozer Video and Randy Crihfield

Some quick notes

Games don't come with photocopied docs, printed docs, or any other kind of docs. If you ask me nice I might email you the .doc file that I *used* to print out, but not all games have docs and I don't fool with them. For the most part, I just make games from rom images people send me and request. If you want a whole bunch of something and you want to get them nude (no labels) I will do that, for the same price. If you want a bunch w/o cases, I can do that too and in that case I would discount a little for you. I don't make fake protos, I make copies of games for people to have fun playing. If YOU want to try to pass them off as the real thing that's on your head, although plenty of people wll blame me anyway. I guess if they had half a brain they'd figure it out, but that's probably giving them too much credit. Enough said about that.

How this works

I make carts on a per order basis. That is, I don't usually make up 20 or so Foo Monster carts at a time, for instance. I make them as the money comes in. While MOST orders go out in about a week's time, if I get really bogged down with multiple cart orders yours may take several weeks before you see it arrive in the mail. Bear in mind that this is not a business, it's a hobby, and I have a life. However I WILL get your order done and occasionally I do make up a handful of extras so usually the turnaround is a matter of days not weeks. I've also been known to toss in a freebie or two when I am REALLY bogged down and slow in filling an order, but happily this does not happen too often. I don't mind giving away a free cart now and then but I hate making people wait. I'm real good with email, too, you can always ping me and say "how's the order coming?" and I'm pretty quick to respond.

General Stuff

The whole meaning of life for Hozer Video is to put fun games in the hands of collectors who would otherwise have an extremely difficult time putting a ROM image on a cart.

Let's face it. You can get the Atari 2600 game images from a multitude of places on the net. While everyone collects every rom they can find, ther are still people who would rather hold a cart in their hands, and play it on a genuine Atari 2600 console. They don't want to pay $1K for some stupid one of a kind proto, they just want a copy to play with at a reasonable price. Hozer Video is for these people.

What I do

What I do is very simple. I put Atari 2600 rom images on carts. You download the rom of the game you want and send it to me, and I will make a nice cart with a new label. Is it valuable? Well, no. But you can play a game that otherwise you would probably have never seen any other way than an emulator. Maybe you have a copy of Glib still shrinkwrapped (you lucky pig!) but still want to play the game? I can make you a copy in a flash, and you can leave that valuable original pristine in its package.