$5 - Stella gets a new brain!

By Cyberpunks

Released in 2000

Once upon a time, someone somewhere had played his Starpath games off of cassette once too often, and they were starting to get a little flakey. Banding together with other concerned Atari gamers, the Stella project was born. First the earth was scoured for good, working copies of all the tapes. Then the tapes were remastered and digitized to perfection and put on CD for posterity. "Stella Gets A New Brain, Version 2" is the name, and Starpath/Arcadia is the game! It's a must have!

PLEASE NOTE the factory run CD's are SOLD OUT at long last! Many thanks to the hundreds of past buyers! However the book is still available, buy a book at the normal $5 price and I'll throw in a free surprise.

International orders require extra for shipping, I
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