Welcome to Hozer Video Games!

With me it's not about the money - it's all about putting hard
to find games in the hands of everyone. And as cheaply as possible!

I offer the service of building Atari 2600 carts. If you've made
up some hack or even an original work or you've downloaded some
freely available public domain game image and would like to own
a genuine cart with a fancy glossy label then you've come to the
right place, my friend! Been doing this since 1984!

Come on in!

These days I am sharing info on my collection of Gamecube games and
I'm willing to trade a few extra items. I am also looking for what I
might be missing as well. If you've got something promotional just
laying around collecting dust it might as well do that over here!

If you're interested at what all I have, Take a Look for yourself.

Email: justrandyc@gmail.com