$15 - Cyplix mix!

Cyplix Mix is the soundtrack to the infamous Cyplix series of video games for the Atari 2600. Cyplix Mix takes the listener through a keponic journey of Keponic Tonic Beer, rare boards and eproms, organic ghosts, and other amazing 8-bit creatures in an alternate reality of Earth controlled by the Grand Overlord Cyplix. Included in this CD release is an indepth and equally odd interview of Charles F Gray. 01 Kepone Song 02 Cyplix Search Begins 03 Junk Yard Search 04 Industrial Complex Search 05 EP Roms 06 Cyplix Manual 07 Cyplix vs Babo 08 Interview with Charles F Gray 09 Pakrat Oddity Everything from Charles Gray becomes gold sooner or later, get your copy today!

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