$15 - Catalyst CD!

The debut release by Electronica artist Daniel Kuciel will launch you into hyperdrive with it's strong synth beats, future-ambient soundscapes and analog-construction instrumentals. Daniel Kuciel is the Jean-Michel Jarre of the 21st Century and Catalyst is the electronic-birth of a thousand years. 01 Your Embrace 02 Window View 03 Night Owl Eyes 04 Mary's Heart 05 Progress 06 Walking on the Beach 07 Passion 08 C*A*T*A*L*Y*S*T* 09 Golden Memories 10 New Delta City Studios (Theme Song) 11 Beautiful Flower 12 Concorde 13 Analog Construction 14 Cop Show 15 Peninsula 16 Exit Android Go to the future and pick up Catalyst today!

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